Monday, December 11, 2017
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Attorney Famuyide Rescues Green Card Holder From Deportation After Losing Conditional Green Card

attorney_rescuesThe joy of obtaining green cards suddenly turned sour for this immigrant and his children when their permanent resident status were terminated at the interview to remove the condition and obtain the 10year green cards. The well paying job of the principal applicant was on the verge until Attorney Famuyide was retained for the rescue.

To the surprise of this immigrant and his children, few weeks into the denial and the revocation of their permanent resident statuses, they received Notices to Appear before the Immigration Court for deportation proceedings. Their world was turned upside down. The hope of a better tomorrow started to fade. Their joy suddenly turned to sadness. It was at this stage that someone referred them to Attorney Famuyide for legal assistance.

After reviewing the case, Attorney Famuyide agreed to take the case. He put together his strategy and everything worked as planned. About 6 months into the process, the principal applicant and his children were issued the 10years green cards to their amazement. Another success story through the office of Attorney Famuyide.

It is becoming a daily occurrence in New York and New Jersey immigration offices, immigrants previously granted the 2year conditional permanent resident statuses are losing their green cards while trying to remove the condition due to carelessness, misinformation and underestimating the need for adequate preparation for the I-751 interview.


All immigrants who obtained their permanent resident status through marriage must know that the process is not completed until the 2 year conditional resident card is replaced with the 10 year permanent resident card. Many immigrants simply go to sleep after obtaining the initial 2year card. They simply stop doing things that could make their transition to permanent resident status smoother. They embarked on steps that could complicate their case by allowing so many red flags such as filing taxes separately to be flying over their cases.


The situation at the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services office in Newark is even worse now. They are going as far as interviewing couples separately, like the initial green card interview at their I-751 interview. As a result of this surprise interview, it appears that 3 out of 5 cases are ending in denial and removal proceedings.


Many of the immigrants do not seek the representation of qualified immigration attorney until they hit the bump in the process of removing the condition on their green card. At this stage, the case could be irredeemable. When it comes to filing application to remove condition on green cards, there are many immigrants out there that will advise other immigrants that it is not necessary to use the services of lawyers. They will tell them that they successfully removed the condition on their green cards without legal representation.


If you are an immigrant who obtained the 2year conditional resident card and wants to keep it, it is important that you secure legal representation. Do not take chances with your future even if your friend did that because you might not get the same result your friend got. It is important to be well prepared now before filing to remove the condition.


As a result of the carelessness of the immigrants, today, many immigrants who were fortunate enough to obtain permanent resident cards especially through marriage are ending up in removal proceedings after two years either through failure to properly document their relationship or failure to seek timely counsel before applying to remove the condition.


The immigrant in Attorney Famuyide’s did not use an attorney when he filed the application to remove the condition. He attended the interview and was denied. He was served with a Notice to Appear before the court before seeking help.


To remove the condition on your green card, with or without your spouse, requires proper documentation of the marriage during the two years before the filing of the application for removal of the condition. It is essential that you maintain at least six types of joint accounts which carry monthly bills. For example, joint bank account, joint cable account, joint electricity account etc. It is also essential that you file your taxes as married filing jointly.


The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services always look for red flags to doubt your marriage at this stage. Unfortunately, many immigrants leave red flags flying high on their cases. For example it is a red flag to file your taxes separately instead of jointly. It is a red flag for your State IDs or drivers’ licenses to have different addresses.  Once any of these red flags is sighted; the case is referred to interview. The Immigration Service Officer will evaluate your case has a checklist and unless you meet the requirements on the checklist, they will deny your case and send you before the Judge for removal proceedings.


Many immigrants also are falling into the error of trying to remove the condition on their green cards without utilizing the service of an attorney. It is true that you can accomplish this goal without the assistance of an attorney. Many have gambled successfully doing this, but the question you must ask yourself is whether it is wise for you to gamble on what took you years to obtain.


It is important that all immigrants take preparing to remove conditions on green cards more seriously by preparing ahead of time through proper documentation of their marriages. If you end up before the immigration Judge for removal proceedings, you will incur a huge expense trying to win your green card back. It is better to be penny wise and not pound foolish.


Attorney Famuyide repackage the case and at the end, he was successful in bailing out this immigrant and his children from the deportation. They were issued the 10year green cards to end their pains. If you are not a lawyer, do not try to play a lawyer, you might get burnt.


This article is for your information only and not a legal advice that could only be rendered by an immigration attorney. If you need legal assistance, please feel free to contact Attorney Joseph Famuyide at 718-647-6767 or send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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